Glenn Turpin

Contracts Manager

For close to a decade Glenn has overseen the large contracts of Morgan+Pollard focusing on the small details to ensure the end result is to the complete satisfaction of all parties.

His previous experience is of great value in his daily work. With multiple qualifications in carpentry he started an apprenticeship at Lunyes Construction before becoming a site project manager, a position he would hold for the rest of his seventeen-year stint with the company.

After contract managing for a carpet laying firm for another four years he was perfectly set up with know-how and can-do when he stepped through our doors.

Glenn’s organisational abilities came in handy in his previous work and they’ve been put to good use at Morgan & Pollard. Clients find his communication skills and relaxed demeanour easy to deal with, an important trait considering some major projects last up to two years.

It’s Glenn’s overall attitude that is as important as any specific skill-set. He places immense value on the pride of a job well done, and ensures there are always exacting standards to ensure the ‘well done’ result is never in doubt.