Kay Herriott

Office Manager

It doesn’t take long to see what a difference Kay Herriot makes in the way Morgan+Pollard runs. It’s her obvious skill and dedication that provides both efficiency and clarity to our on-going work.

Kay’s career has covered a range of positions in some reputable companies, including credit controller, sales and production coordination and research roles. Now, with considerable experience and some pertinent qualifications, her efforts as our Office Manager are delivered with efficiency and grace.

Having been with the company since 2005, Kay knows the business inside and out. Her helpful and warm nature is utilised in many shapes and forms over a large variety of work. Here, her workload covers  looking after the financials, overseeing reception, or, when customers require additional assistance, rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in unloading trucks where necessary.

With this going on in the average work day you’d think Kay would appreciate some relaxing downtime away from the office. But instead it’s taken up with a bustling family life. And when she’s not enjoying time with her husband and children her thoughts are preoccupied with work as a web admin, committee member and cake decorating. Clearly, with everything going on, time management is one of Kay’s strongest capabilities.