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Circa 2002, Morgan and Pollard were engaged to develop this semi-rural plot of land on the outskirts of Christchurch into something extraordinary. 10 years on and the gardens have flourished into a picture of timeless elegance.

The landscaping has been developed to complement the focal building –an opulent American styled manor house.  The overriding brief was that It was imperative that the grandeur of the building was reflected in the style of the landscape design.  At the same time, the landscape design had to blend harmoniously with the existing established flora of the area.  To this extent an abundance of existing site materials and trees and shrubs were used to create a series of interesting and intriguing external spaces. 

 Fairhaven comprises of stunning lake side vistas, majestically grand water features, a ‘presidential class’ oval lawn, and a series of stately trees intermixed with well set-out gardens and hedges.


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