Roger Pollard


    As the Founder, Director and Principal Consultant of Morgan+Pollard, Roger’s mind-set permeates through everything we do.

    In 1969 he began the company with Alan Morgan. In the years since trends have come and gone but the innovative style and quality of workmanship that Roger started with still endures today.

    Wearing his Principal Consultant hat, Roger provides the imagination and impetus for large-scale projects. He often frames the initial vision before establishing development schedules and coordinating the design/build phases of the project.

    Roger’s wealth of experience provides an on-going source of work for the firm. His reputation, along with that of his firm, is of the highest renown. Time alone does not bestow such a reputation on a man however. Instead it is the consistent skill and dedicated focus that delivers such status. With decades- long client relationships there is an implicit trust with his methods.

    With a portfolio that is unique and unmatched, Roger has delivered the highest quality landscape design to every type of client possible. Now, after over 45 years in the industry, he is still excited to be working in the exciting intersection between design, technology and construction. Approachable, passionate and devoted to his craft, Roger continues to shape the landscapes and, by extension, the lives of his clients.


    Charlotte Stoddart

    Landscape Architect

    While studying at Lincoln University Charlotte worked as an intern here, giving us time to assess the proficiency and potential within her work. Needless to say, we were obviously impressed. Which made it all the easier for her to capably step into work here after gaining her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with honours.

    Since then there’s been a lot of water under the (perfectly placed) bridge. Charlotte quickly gained a reputation for the finest of results and for two years delivered work across all stages of the design process, from initial consultation to planning documents to giving evidence for the environment court to construction supervision.

    An international 2½-year sojourn then gave her vital experience in London and Melbourne firms. Gaining knowledge as both an individual and on high profile project tender teams means she is at ease working on every type of venture, be it commercial, public realm, educational and healthcare facilities, subdivision or small and large scale residential.

    Returning to the company in 2011 and working from our Hawkes Bay office, Charlotte is responsible for a range of exciting projects. Her obvious passion for design is supported by a deep respect for the environment and a strong belief in creative, sustainable landscape design. Her work is equal parts inspiration, innovation and, ultimately, client satisfaction.


    Nik Colley

    Landscape Architect

    Nik has 12 years of professional experience throughout the landscape industry working on a diverse range of commercial, residential and government projects throughout New Zealand and Australia. He has been integrally involved in key Landscape assessment projects throughout New Zealand and has extensive experience in preparing supporting documentation for landscape assessments and expert evidence.

    Nik has acted as the principal designer on large scale projects often formulating the overall vision, establishing development schedules and coordinating the links between the designed and built phase of the projects. He relates easily to his clients and communicate ideas with confidence.

    Nik has a passion for ecological design and creating developments that respond to the surrounding landscape. He is skilled in master planning, concept design, detailed drawings, technical specifications and project management.

    Having worked as a site forman and manager prior to obtaining his architecture qualifications he has more practical experience than most. He is a hands-on Landscape Architect that is not adverse to rolling up his sleeves and getting on with the construction portion of a project.