Landscape Construction

    If there is one thing our landscapes are it’s that they’re more than one thing. Accessible, functional, beautiful and memorable, our results deliver a multitude of responses to those who own them and those who visit them.  

    Quite simply, we offer the most comprehensive landscape service in the South Island. We are proud of our reputation – it has been earned with decades of dedicated service. We don’t take it for granted either. So we constantly strive for the highest levels of performance.

    It’s for this reason that we’ve had clients who have stuck with us for decades. They recognise our dedication to the craft and the science of landscaping – and it is both. Soil science, botany and hydrology are just a few of the specialist skills required. And an artisan approach provides the most unique and engaging results for our clients.

    No feature is beyond our remit, from soft landscaping (excavation, planting, lawns) to hard (rock walls, decks, ponds, fences, retaining walls, planters, pergolas etc). While this work is backed by the astute planning and diligent construction techniques of other M+P divisions we are asked to work independently on many projects.