Landscape maintenance

    We provide ongoing maintenance for a range of clients – from rest homes to shopping malls, sports-fields to sub-divisions, restaurants to suburban homes.

    This work often stems from a common sense approach. When it comes to protecting your investment and ensuring lasting quality, consistent expert maintenance is vital.

    Nature has a way of making things grow, and consistent use can dull or damage even the most durable of constructs. We therefore offer contracts for maintaining every aspect of the environment, be it lawns, paths, gardens, driveways or irrigation. From pool and water feature maintenance through to tree pruning and weeding, each task is completed to a suitable timetable.   

    All our residential and commercial property clients recognise that a little attention can make a big difference. So we take the time assessing properties in order to provide the most cost-effective long-term management plans. Taking into account general usage, seasonal changes, landscape additions and other key factors we can shape a process that is both suitable and comprehensive.