Ready Tree

    From big things, little things grow. From big things, great things happen. When you can’t wait around for the great things to happen our Readytree division has the trees, shrubs and other landscape plantings to make the vision a reality.

    Our work at Readytree is capable of creating established gardens instantly. It’s a method of garden design that’s grown in popularity in recent years. When faced with the final construction of both residential and commercial projects, many of our clients require the beauty and impact that fully grown planting delivers.

    We believe in not only supplying the best available trees, but doing so at a size and cost that meets your budget. With this focus on providing exceptional quality stock at the most competitive prices our trees are sought after throughout both Christchurch and New Zealand.

    This capability is backed by specialist advice that’s second to none. Our support staff are available to answer any question you may have about design, selection, plant health, installation and other practicalities.